I cannot express how proud I am of this guy. He has been producing some amazing work lately and I was more than happy to help bring his vision to life for his updates head shots. We traveled to New Orleans for the day and walked the french quarter finding the best spots to stop and pose.

Knowing Shagari and his "Ricky Bobby hands" I thought posing him may be a challenge but he was a natural and despite claiming to be awkward in front of the camera, photographed very well.

Shagari was my very first mentee. He came with me to all of my sessions, carried bags and held reflectors. He was super eager to learn. He has made a name for himself in town as a premier wedding photographer.

Shagari a professional wedding photographer and videographer hailing from Lafayette, LA. Currently residing in Baton Rouge and traveling from New Orleans to Houston to capture beautiful weddings with his team.

His work can be seen here and here

Thanks for letting me capture you Shags!