I love photography. Unequivocally. I am addicted to the transformation I see my images take from the camera to the final image I deliver. I love what I do. I love seeing the look on my clients faces when they get their gallery or the emails I get thanking me for their beautifully crafted images. This is the WHY. This is the reason for 16-18 hours days at my computer. The reason that sometimes I skip park days with my son or dinner dates with friends. I am dedicated to my work and to my clients. 

Somewhere though, this is getting lost. At the root, I am a human. A mother, a sister, a friend. Photography is what I do, it is not who I am. I am happy to provide a service to my clients who trust me to capture and create beautiful images for them. And I am proud to do this. However, I feel there is a need to set some boundaries between who I am and what I do. 

I am taking back my art.....

I am taking back my free time. I am taking back my social life. I am taking back my role as a mother to my son. No more missed park days, no more missed dinner dates with friends. There will be no more early morning text messages, or texts at all. There will be no 10pm phone calls inquiring about photographs. I will ask, with respect, that these boundaries be respected and honored. 

We all have jobs. We all have families and friends. Some of us have children and some of our children have special needs. Mine is one. He is why I worked so hard to craft a flexible schedule so that I can dedicate more time and resources to him and he is not seeing the fruit of that labor.

I love photography.  I have a standard. I have a speciality. For the sake of my craft & my clients, I will not deviate from these standards. I will do my very best to accommodate requests within my speciality, if you request something that falls outside of my speciality I will do my best to refer you to someone who can help you.

I share this with you, humbly, in order to preserve my integrity and my art. So that I can wake up and create for the rest of my life and not feel burnt out. 

Thank you to everyone for your respect, support & understanding. 

Office hours: mon-fri 9-6