2018 News & Updates

Happy New Year guys! Finally a chance to sit down to blog. The year has started with some much needed R&R. Super grateful for the downtime, but now it's back to the grind. 

Last year I had the pleasure of capturing over 250 individual portrait sessions. WOW! 

Thank you to all of my new and returning clients. I hope to see you all this year. 



194A1734tiff copy.jpg

2018 seniors! This is your time to shine! If you haven't already, please take a moment to book your senior portraits. If you're sending out invitations mid-march should be your deadline for portraits.

Please see the list of dates below and click here to place your deposit. Leave the desired date in the notes section. The green highlighted dates are what I have available.

February dates are as follows: Feb 5, Feb 15, Feb 19, Feb 21

2018 Senior Packages.jpg

Welcome to our new GTP babies Rhyan Jael & Cai Alexander!



Excited to announce my fourth edition of the Aspiring Photographers Mentorship Course is now available for booking. 

Full disclosure on any and all questions related to photography, marketing, business, studio building, work/life balance, sales, and more!

I will offer honest, objective and specific feedback; Identify weaknesses and priority areas that need adjustment while offering a number of solutions and options for improvement.

All mentees have access to my PhotoTherapy Facebook Group for continued learning and question asking. There is a weekly inspiration thread where you can post your favorite new work and get critique (or not) on recent projects.


With limited dates available, now is the time to book your spring family portraits. 

Please put the date desired in the comment section.

Dates available for the spring are:

March: 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28

April: 9, 11, 16, 23, 25, 27, 30

Happy 1st Birthday Avery!

I had this sweet, precious girl as a newborn and she came all the way back from Denver to see me for her first birthday! What a dream Happy Birthday Princess!

Happy 1st Birthday Maverick!

Happy Birthday Maverick...or Mavi as his family endearingly calls him. He is absolutely as soft and sweet as he looks. Initially we were going to do a basketball themed session but this actually fit so much better. Maverick was a joy and a perfect happy baby to capture.

Happy Birthday Virgo Baby! 

Harper Turns Two!

I had sweet Harper when she was just 6 months old. She was sweet and lively then and now she has even more personality!


Happy birthday sweet Harper! Thanks for coming by!

Happy Anniversary Tonya & Anthony!

Happy Summer guys!

It's been sooooo busy! I have tons to share and I will do all of that in my mid-summer re-cap on the next blog. For now I will leave you with this adorable couple who celebrated their very first wedding anniversary this month!! Congrats guys!!

MUA: Courtney Foulds

Shalesha Maternity Portraits

I love, love, love Shalesha in her stunning black, lace maternity gown from SewTrendy Accessories. She was the absolute sweetest and funniest darling! The light was perfect, the dress was perfect. and I am excited to capture her newborn portraits in just a few short weeks!

MUA: Courtney Foulds

Happy 1st Birthday Ava!

Pretty in pink! Ava was really a skeptic her entire session. She warmed up for parts of it but gah! That face and those eyes! I just could not get enough! I am so so so happy mom and auntie and grandma brought her by, she truly is loved. Happy Birthday Ava!

Josh + Brandi Styled Wedding Session

Hey guys! It's been a while and So so so much is happening right now but I HAD to pop in to show you guys these perfect images from Brandi & Josh's stylized wedding session. Sooooo perfect.

They are already married and wanted something sweet and organic. So we headed out to Kenwtood, LA (home of Brittany Spears, lol) on what seemed like the most perfect day and captured their love. 

Special thanks to the following:
Venue: The White Magnolia
Assistant: Shagari Jackson
MUA: Courtney Foulds


Updates + Events

Good morning all! Happy Monday to you. I actually really love Mondays. I didn't used to but they have clearly worked their way to becoming my favorite day of the week. I can always get so much work done on Mondays and it is a fresh start to the week!

This week is especially exciting because I get to spend some time with Justin of JM Smith Design + Branding, answering questions about entrepreneurship and sharing my journey getting here. This is an intimate networking event for young entrepreneurs to be ignited, encouraged, and inspired by others who have fought through fear to pursue BOLDNESS in business.

I'll be sharing lots of information about the steps I took when I left my 9-5 and transitioned into successfully owning my own photography studio. Complete truth & transparency of what it takes and what it looks like to be an entrepreneur.

If you'd like to attend  you can purchase a ticket here:  

Also coming up in May I have my annual Photography 101 course. Seats went on sale last week and currently there are 5 seats left. This class is perfect for aspiring photographers and those who have been shooting for a little while. 

Topics discussed will include the following:

Class Details:

Saturday, May 20
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Baton Rouge, LA
Tuition: $495.00
Only 5 slots available
Refreshments & Lunch will be provided
Camera & laptop not required but would be helpful
Exact Location will be revealed upon booking

Reserve your seat here

3 + 1 = 4

Marquita and her boys are awaiting the arrival of their sweet little girl I love everything about this session. Perfect color and tone and sunlight. can't wait to meet the little one!

Thanks for coming out Marquita!

Happy Birthday Nyeli!

Happy Birthday to this sweet, sweet girl! She was so wonderful and full of joy for her session! Glittered down in pink & gold we really had such a great time creating this cake smash.

Cake by : Kecia Cakes

Thanks for coming by the studio Nyeli! -Sasha

Kai'oymi Turns two!

I cannot believe how time has flown. I took this sweet girls newborn pictures and now she is two! She has so much personality for such a tiny human. 

Happy Birthday little love!

Photographers everywhere would like you to please stop doing this one thing...

When you hire a photographer it is because you see something in their work that you love. Something about the quality of their imagery that captures your attention. This quality takes time to perfect. Lots of time, years & years. We spend countless hours perfecting our craft. We take pride in our work. We enjoy seeing our work shared and liked and favorited across the web, it truly is an honor, but....please stop adding filters to our work.

I love Instagram as much as the next person. Many of you found my work through hashtags on Instagram. IG is a great marketing tool and aren't we all lucky for this amazing free service. But I wish they would have never created these god awful filters. They have become such a sore spot for photographers everywhere.

Have you ever painted your home? You go to the store, pick out the paint, have it mixed and it is perfect! You love it. You spend hours of labor painting, layer after layer until you get it right. Then imagine someone coming to your house and painting over your beautiful paint job. They did not do a good job at all, and you hate it, it doesn't reflect all your hard work. This is how we feel. It is heartbreaking. And it happens way too often.

Example of what we see when you filter our images.

Example of what we see when you filter our images.

Creative Market posted a really great blog about things photographers cringe at and this was on the list.

In my contract it states that adding any filter of any kind is against my terms. I know you may think "But the photos are of me, why can't I do what I want?" At the end of the day we, artists own our intellectual property and when you agree to a contract you are agreeing that you will not alter the images in any way and that often includes adding filters and cropping the image. Going forward I will not work with anyone who violates these terms, whether you are an established client or not. I will refer you to another photographer who will likely not want to work with you either.


Guys, it really comes down to common courtesy, and respect. We work really hard. We obsess over our work. we spend tons of money on software and equipment JUST for you. We want to please you, we want you to be happy with our quality of work & in return we only ask that you value our work by not defacing our pictures.

Be thoughtful, be respectful. 



The Smith Family

The Smith family came to see me for the 6th time last year! By far my most frequented clients and I am so thankful! I absolutely adore this family. They have become more like family. Can't wait to see  Lily-Grace for her 1st Birthday Portraits this year!

Thanks for coming by Smith Family!

An Ode to 2016 and 21 Things To Take Away From It.


1. If you struggle with something, then you struggle with it. You are not weak or inadequate for struggling with things others don’t find challenging. 

2. Everything should add value to your life. Everything. If you can't justify its purpose it has to go. This includes people.

3. If you’re trying to convince someone to be with you, you're eventually gonna be trying to convince them to stay.

4. Stop opening your doors for toxic people under the guise of seeking closure. Closure is the gift you give yourself when you've been brave enough to close a door that needed to be closed.

5. It is not your job to keep everyone else happy.
It is not your job to keep everyone else happy.
It is not your job to keep everyone else happy.

6. It is not a sign of loyalty to endure abuse or cruelty or one-sided relationships/friendships.

7. It's taken most of us 20+ years to reconcile who we are. You shouldn't have to heavily craft a version of yourself for people to like or fall in love with you.

8. It's totally heathy to miss things and not want them back.

9. Don't accept someone's emotional unavailability as a challenge. If you can't meet them where they're at then send them off with love.

10. No one has it all the way together, no one.Take solace in that. There is no value in comparing. We're all working on our very best selves.

11. You don't get to choose the version of people you love best. Folks are who they are. Either love them or leave them where they're at.

12. You can't break yourself open for folks who won't stick around long enough to see you whole again.

13. Its okay to have seasons. You dont have to be blooming all the time.

14. What worked for you before may not work anymore. Be open & flexible to shifting what is no longer serving you.

15. We all need to give ourselves permission to be wherever we are when we’re there, whoever we are in this moment & claim the right to evolve at our own pace.

16. Creativity requires courage.

17. The wrong person will have you convinced that you're asking for too much. You're not.

18. Let this be the year that we stop telling people they aren't deserving of love unless they love themselves. Everyone is deserving of love, even if they're in repair.

19. You'll love someone so intentionally and they'll change into the person you always knew they could be...for someone else. It's a very hard truth.

20. It is not overreacting to ask for what you want & need. How many times have you suffered because you didn't ask for what you wanted or needed? Transparency can be uncomfortable & scary & make you feel vulnerable & anxious but speaking your truth & asking for what you need is power.

21.Surrender to timing. Know that what's for you will be yours when the time is right and not sooner. Show up as you are in this moment & let that be enough.

End of year updates!


Hey everyone!  It has been a while! Between mommy duties, business duties, and capturing back to back sessions of my amazing clients everything has been super busy! I hope everyone had a great Holiday season!

A few updates for the New Year! 

Did you know that you can now book your holiday portrait session in advance? Last Year was such an amazingly busy year with holiday sessions booking up by August. If you know you want holiday or family portrait sessions take advantage of early booking offered to current clients. 



I am currently booking for 2017. January and February are almost booked up completely. I encourage everyone to at least place their deposit for a spring date. Summer is hectic for me with traveling. I am always booking for next holiday season ahead of schedule as well.

A few other things, I am still booking mentoring sessions for those interested. All of the information you need can be found here

This is for seasoned photographers as well as those who got a camera as a gift for Christmas. 


Valentines Day is around the corner! Bring your sweet kiddos in for a LOVE themes portrait session!

Email for booking information.

Happy 1st Birthday Hailey!

Happy birthday to the most beautiful, special munchkin! Hailey was a miracle baby and miracle she is! So happy and full of joy! Thanks for stopping by the studio sweet girl!

Caky by A Tasty Affair Cakes

Portland & Kehlani

I am a twin, some of you may not know that, lol. So naturally I have a soft spot for twins. These two lovely gals came in and my heart just spilled over. 

Portland (green eyes) was not having any of my shenanigans lol. It took her a while to warm up, almost to the end of the session. Kehlani was all smiles until she tipped over a few times and then she was tired. Over all we got some great shots and I am so thankful for their sweet, little joy.

These adorable outfits are from Baby Portrait Prop Shop I just love all of her things.

Thanks sweet girls! See you in March for your 1st birthday!

Shagari Meets New Orleans

I cannot express how proud I am of this guy. He has been producing some amazing work lately and I was more than happy to help bring his vision to life for his updates head shots. We traveled to New Orleans for the day and walked the french quarter finding the best spots to stop and pose.

Knowing Shagari and his "Ricky Bobby hands" I thought posing him may be a challenge but he was a natural and despite claiming to be awkward in front of the camera, photographed very well.

Shagari was my very first mentee. He came with me to all of my sessions, carried bags and held reflectors. He was super eager to learn. He has made a name for himself in town as a premier wedding photographer.

Shagari a professional wedding photographer and videographer hailing from Lafayette, LA. Currently residing in Baton Rouge and traveling from New Orleans to Houston to capture beautiful weddings with his team.

His work can be seen here and here

Thanks for letting me capture you Shags! 

Happy 1st Birthday Remy!

Remy was so sweet & alert & I fell absolutely in love with her independent personality! She was not shy at all. She wasn't a fan of the cake but her perfect skin & huge eyes won my heart!

Thanks for coming by to celebrate your birthday Remy! -Sasha