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Happy 1st Birthday Ava!

Pretty in pink! Ava was really a skeptic her entire session. She warmed up for parts of it but gah! That face and those eyes! I just could not get enough! I am so so so happy mom and auntie and grandma brought her by, she truly is loved. Happy Birthday Ava!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Skylar!

Skylar is easily one of the happiest, most joy filled babies I've met. She smiled and posed for me and made all of us laugh so intentionally. I truly enjoyed capturing her.

Mom did great choosing her outfits! So adorable.

Happy 1st birthday Skylar. Thanks for stopping by the studio! - Sasha

Harper Lyric <3

Every now & then I get a little one in the studio that absolutely takes my breath away! This sweet little girl did just that. Harper took a while to warm up to me but once she did, what a joy. 

Happy half birthday Harper! Thanks for stopping by the studio! --Sasha

Happy first birthday Kaelyn!

First birthdays are fun! You get your first taste of cake (who doesn't love cake!) and everyone gathers to celebrate you! It marks the first year of your precious life and the hopeful promises for many more. 

Smash cake sessions rank on my top list of favorite sessions ever to capture. I love seeing the babies reaction to the cake and watch them dig into it. I love seeing the overwhelming joy and happiness in the parents eyes as they see their little one enjoy their 1st sugar rush! Sweetest thing.

Happy first birthday Kaelyn! Wishing you many more little one.  -Sasha

Cake by Charisse Treats

Happy Valentines Day love GTP (Antonio & Jhiri)

Happy Valentines Day guys! :)

I hope everyone spent the day with someone they love or at least doing something they love. <3 I spent the day editing and I got to photograph an adorable two year old, a family of 7 and a graduating senior...*whew* busy day! But I am goad I got to spend it doing what I love most. 

It's a funny thing that work is my safe place. Nestled in front of my imac, with my coffee and water, watching Ugly Betty on my ipad and editing my fingers away, I had no idea I would fall in love with my craft this way. It gives me a creative high that nothing else can. I am addicted to the end result. When I can finally click "save" in photoshop and send my clients their beautifully crafted images. 

This week will be full of sessions and lots of editing. I look forward to sharing everything with you all! - Sasha