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Katrina + Roman

The great thing about traveling is that I get to see and visit with friends and family I haven't hugged in a long time. On my last visit to D.C. my childhood (elementary school) friend Katrina reached out and I was more than excited to head over and capture her and her sweet new guy Roman. 

Roman is at that age where he loves his toes, my favorite stage! Don't let his quiet disposition fool you, he is very curious. He is currently teething and rolling all over to see everything. Super adorable. Thanks Katrina & Roman for letting me stop by!

The Rogers Family

Ok... I will admit. As a photographer, sometimes going into a clients home can be a bit scary. You have no idea what kind of conditions you are walking into and how adequate the lighting will be. As soon as I walked into to Brittany's home I immediately smiled knowing I was in good hands.

Her sweet & energetic 4 year old daughter, Taylor greeted me, immediately giving me all the details on her brand new baby sister, Rilee. Rilee was a dream, slept the entire session, even through multiple wrap changes. Could not have asked for a better newborn.

The rogers family exuded love and warmth and everything nice. Brittanys parents Dereck and Tracey were absolutely amazing and I could not get over how youthful they were. I look forward to working with this amazing family agains soon! -Sasha