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Happy 1st Birthday Remy!

Remy was so sweet & alert & I fell absolutely in love with her independent personality! She was not shy at all. She wasn't a fan of the cake but her perfect skin & huge eyes won my heart!

Thanks for coming by to celebrate your birthday Remy! -Sasha


Where has the time gone? It has been over 4 weeks since my last visit. But.... for GREAT reason. I took a vacation! Well several vacations back to back.

First....Kelseyville, California. I know most of you have no idea where this is, I didn't either. It is a small little sleepy town outside of Oakland. Some super amazing friends of mine flew me out to take some awesome photos of their family. 

We had wine and loved on babies and dogs and it was super refreshing! I loved it.

Back to Louisiana for ONE day to pick up my son Gavin, then off to Los Angeles (home for me) to celebrate my beautiful grandmothers 70th birthday! It was a blast.  She is one sassy, hilarious lady and I am so so grateful for this trip.

Going home to Los Angeles is always blast! :)

Back to Louisiana to drop off my dear son who is now out of school for the summer (yippee) and off to an 8 day vacay in Honolulu to celebrate my fathers 55th birthday! Happy Birthday dad!

Hawaii is stunning! I woke up each morning at 5:30 am to catch the sunrise which was phenomenal!

This summer is full of travel and events. I am currently in Houston photographing a summit, Louisville is up next then of course Essence Fest in New Orleans! I hope you all have some awesome summer plans, look forward to seeing some of you this year!