End of year updates!


Hey everyone!  It has been a while! Between mommy duties, business duties, and capturing back to back sessions of my amazing clients everything has been super busy! I hope everyone had a great Holiday season!

A few updates for the New Year! 

Did you know that you can now book your holiday portrait session in advance? Last Year was such an amazingly busy year with holiday sessions booking up by August. If you know you want holiday or family portrait sessions take advantage of early booking offered to current clients. 



I am currently booking for 2017. January and February are almost booked up completely. I encourage everyone to at least place their deposit for a spring date. Summer is hectic for me with traveling. I am always booking for next holiday season ahead of schedule as well.

A few other things, I am still booking mentoring sessions for those interested. All of the information you need can be found here

This is for seasoned photographers as well as those who got a camera as a gift for Christmas. 


Valentines Day is around the corner! Bring your sweet kiddos in for a LOVE themes portrait session!

Email for booking information.

Happy 1st Birthday Hailey!

Happy birthday to the most beautiful, special munchkin! Hailey was a miracle baby and miracle she is! So happy and full of joy! Thanks for stopping by the studio sweet girl!

Caky by A Tasty Affair Cakes

Portland & Kehlani

I am a twin, some of you may not know that, lol. So naturally I have a soft spot for twins. These two lovely gals came in and my heart just spilled over. 

Portland (green eyes) was not having any of my shenanigans lol. It took her a while to warm up, almost to the end of the session. Kehlani was all smiles until she tipped over a few times and then she was tired. Over all we got some great shots and I am so thankful for their sweet, little joy.

These adorable outfits are from Baby Portrait Prop Shop I just love all of her things.

Thanks sweet girls! See you in March for your 1st birthday!

Shagari Meets New Orleans

I cannot express how proud I am of this guy. He has been producing some amazing work lately and I was more than happy to help bring his vision to life for his updates head shots. We traveled to New Orleans for the day and walked the french quarter finding the best spots to stop and pose.

Knowing Shagari and his "Ricky Bobby hands" I thought posing him may be a challenge but he was a natural and despite claiming to be awkward in front of the camera, photographed very well.

Shagari was my very first mentee. He came with me to all of my sessions, carried bags and held reflectors. He was super eager to learn. He has made a name for himself in town as a premier wedding photographer.

Shagari a professional wedding photographer and videographer hailing from Lafayette, LA. Currently residing in Baton Rouge and traveling from New Orleans to Houston to capture beautiful weddings with his team.

His work can be seen here and here

Thanks for letting me capture you Shags! 

Happy 1st Birthday Remy!

Remy was so sweet & alert & I fell absolutely in love with her independent personality! She was not shy at all. She wasn't a fan of the cake but her perfect skin & huge eyes won my heart!

Thanks for coming by to celebrate your birthday Remy! -Sasha

Thompkins Family

The gorgeous Thompkins Family stopped by for their family portraits. I took Christians Newborn portraits and was so happy to see his smiling bubbly face again! 

What a treat it was to capture everyone and they were so beautifully dressed for the fall!


Welcome Averi

Sweet Averi arrived on 9/24/2-16 and brought with her all the joy and happiness & sleepiness a newborn brings. Dad even passed out in the studio during her session.

Just 6lbs and full of personality she rocked her newborn session. So sweet and engaging I was so excited with all off her eye contact.

Thanks for coming by Averi! -

Welcome Kinsley Grace

Maybe one of the most agreeable babies to ever grace my studio. Sweet little Kinsley Grace was a doll. All 5lbs 12oz of her. 

I really love these fall tie backs by MiaBella Props I have been using them a lot this fall.

Thanks for stopping my the studio Kinsley! -- Sasha

Ashley Welcomes baby Boy # 3

When it comes to boy things Ashley is basically an expert. With boyfriend Devin and older boys Princeton & Liam in tow she showed up to her maternity session like the bell of the ball. I was so excited that after months of rain we had a gorgeous sunny day for this beautiful maternity session. 

Dress & crown by SewTrendy Accessories

Dress & crown by SewTrendy Accessories

MUA: Courtney Foulds

MUA: Courtney Foulds

Ashley is a very talented vlogger, with over 4 million views worldwide, primarily focusing on natural hair tutorials. You can check some of her awesome videos out here

Over 90,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Over 90,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Her beautiful boys were lively and playful and just adorable as ever in their fall coordinated outfits by GAP 

Princeton was so handsome and super helpful. Liam, although shy at first came around after a while and gave me some yummy smiles and I just melted

Ashley's maternity gown was crafted by none other than Valerie Best at Sewtrendy Accessories 

Special thanks to Shagari over at Mosaic by MG for assisting & videography. 

Video Below!! Click Play!

Newborn Photography FAQ

Happy Thursday guys! I wanted to shed some light on newborn photography since there have been a ton of questions about it. Ultimately, safety is my number one priority. Please read through the FAQ below for more information about newborn sessions!



When do newborn sessions take place?

Newborn sessions are typically scheduled between 4-14 days. This is done for many reasons. Newborns this young are more flexible and tend remain sleepy for the duration of the session. They are much more tolerant of being posed and moved around than a 3 or 4 week old infant.

Almost all of the “sleepy newborn” shots you see here on the website were done with newborns 14 days old or younger. If your baby is older than 2 weeks, don’t worry, we can still capture beautiful photos-it may just take more effort on both ends and we will need to skip some of the poses you see.

How do I book a session when I’m not sure when baby will be born? 

That’s easy… let me know your due date and we will make tentative plans around that time. Once baby is born, let me know as soon as possible (ideally within the first couple of days and absolutely before baby is 7 days) and we will select an actual date. If you do not contact me within that first week, I cannot guarantee availability before the 2 week mark, so please contact me sooner. I always try to leave availability for my newborns, but I do have other session scheduled in advance.


How long does a session last? 

Newborn sessions often run long due to the nature and frequent nurturing of the infant, expect a minimum of 1-2 hours. I do not rush the session, I let baby take as many breaks as needed. Baby’s comfort and safety is my number one priority.

Do you provide props?

Yes. Unless you have something special you'd like to incorporate I provide most* clothing, knit wraps and select props for the newborn session. If you want a specialty look, you MUST let me know at least 4-5 weeks before hand so that I can prepare. If you do not let me know I cannot guarantee I will achieve the look you desire.

Can I bring something special like an heirloom or prop to include in the session? 

Yes! I encourage my clients to bring a little something to incorporate in the session to make it more “them”. Whether your a huge sports buff, or a military member, I will do my best to include this in the photos.

Can I breastfeed in the studio?

 Absolutely! I encourage breast and bottle feeding moms to feel free to feed their babies during the session. This will help keep baby calm and sleepy. 

Can I request certain poses or shots I’ve seen on other photography sites? 

Yes, you can. I will make every attempt to get you what you want in terms of poses; however there are certain poses, that in my own opinion, are unsafe and pose harm to the baby. These poses, I will not do. Again, baby is my number one priority. Also, remember each baby is different, posing also depends on your little one.

Where does the session take place? 

Sessions take place in my studio located in Denham Springs, LA. I am not currently offering on-location newborn sessions.


Can siblings and parents be in a few shots? 

Of course. I do recommend that siblings and anyone who is not mom or dad and is wanting to be in photos with baby,  come the last 30-60 minutes of the session. The session does last a few hours and little ones tend to get cranky having to wait around.

Anything else I should bring?

A “soothie” pacifier-the greenish kind they have in hospitals. These are GOLD in keeping them asleep! 

bottles if applicable, blankets, diapers and wipes, something cool to drink for yourself, the studio will be 86 degrees.

Please limit guests to two including you. Other guests will be asked to wait in the car. 

Hope to see you and your precious babies soon!!

Thank You for Not Judging Me

Part of my 2016 resolution was to honor my commitments, especially to those I consider close friends and family. This included showing up more, attending important events, art shows and birthday parties. Buying gifts and sending cards, answering the phone and having real conversations. Intentionally listening when they need to download. I feel good about how I have stuck to that commitment….except when I don’t.

As I roll into my early thirties I’m learning things about myself that my twenties couldn’t teach me. Like not to commit to anything before 2pm because by 5 I will woefully regret it and wish I could be surrounded by pillows in my bed. And that if I don’t take time to recharge from energy draining days then I’ll completely melt down and not even wine can save me then. (Picture me floating in a blow up raft in the middle of a wine river with a straw not long enough to reach) Lastly, that you can search a lifetime for hands trusting enough to come undone in and never find them, so now I unravel with caution.

I canceled yet another friend date today and as usual I am riddled with guilt, more than usual because this is the 3rd time I have canceled with this friend and each time she is so gracious and understanding and each time I am so thankful. Often our sadness has an expiration date. We can be sad and tired but not for too long. Soon, the get well wishes stop and people just start to get annoyed with our lack of energy to engage. Sometimes they even get upset. Eventually, we become a burden and who wants to be that? Who wants to feel heavy and hard to love. Not me.

My friends unwavering understanding and flexibility with my need to recharge, her grace and care and compassion with me felt so soft and easy and not hard like how everything else feels hard right now. I told her Thank you for not judging me.” Seems like a silly thing to have to be thankful for but in this world of measurements and scales it is a luxury not to feel judged. To feel that I can be my whole self, intentionally and someone will hold space for me until I am ready to step back into the world.

Thank you for not judging me

I am complex and emotional and full of love and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have learned to be more gracious with myself and I encourage my friends and even some of my clients to check-in with me before they start to download to me about heavy things. I think this is a vital part of self -care. We can’t always carry the emotional weight of others, even if we want to --even if we love them. We are worthy of love and compassion and the flexibility to say “not today” and to also say “not tomorrow either.”

Grown up, adult life is hard. Really hard. Navigating intersections, making ends meet, owning our okayness...all hard. It really takes some super human energy to get through some days. To do the small, life sustaining things daily, and not be rewarded for it. We are so fundamentally human, we tend to forget that. Daily we make mistakes and have to quietly and gently reconcile with ourselves and then repeat that process for our whole lives. It’s overwhelming


Seek out folks will show up for you, hold space for you, make room for you all without making you feel like it's a difficult task. Folks that are willing to walk alongside you without judging you, making you feel inadequate, or trying to fix you. Friends that will understand when you have to cancel a date and not internalize it or make you feel guilty. You shouldn't have to heavily craft a version of yourself for people to like or fall in love with because authentic love and friends won't ever put you in the position to betray yourself. Find your tribe & love them hard

James, Alaycia & Lola

Last year James and Alaycia came and took their gorgeous engagement portraits with me. Little did they know at the time they were a few weeks pregnant! 

Shagari over at Mosaic By MG  captured their gorgeous wedding portraits and this year I was able to get them and their gorgeous little Lola in the studio for some newborn/family portraits. 

Thanks for bringing Lola by the studio James & Alaycia! - Sasha

Angel & Tyler Maternity

This is only THE BEST couple ever. Literally so funny and engaging. I enjoyed every moment of this gorgeous session. Angel is naturally gorgeous and Tyler was so supportive and witty. 

It has been rainy season in the gulf and this was ONE day we didn't get rain and what a glorious day it was!

They booked the Belly to Baby Session which includes both maternity and newborn sessions so I am looking forward to the email that their little love has arrived. :)

Thanks for including me in your journey Tyler & Angel! - Sasha

Welcome Maleah!

Happy Labor Day guys!! I hope everyone is resting up today and enjoying some much deserved time off! Don't forget to take some time for yourself to do something that you've been wanting to do!

As a reminder. My next PhotoTherapy Course is September 24th! I have a few seats left so please do not wait to book your seat. Email me for details.

Now, on to this cuteness below! I absolutely love squishy little babies. Maleah was a perfect mix of cute and squishy! She slept like a dream and didn't poop on me! lol. 

Thanks for stopping my the studio Maleah! - Sasha

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Skylar!

Skylar is easily one of the happiest, most joy filled babies I've met. She smiled and posed for me and made all of us laugh so intentionally. I truly enjoyed capturing her.

Mom did great choosing her outfits! So adorable.

Happy 1st birthday Skylar. Thanks for stopping by the studio! - Sasha

Sareda + Travis

Happy Hump day guys! So I posted one of these photos a couple weeks back and it went absolutely viral and I was so pleased! Sareda is such a sweet, down to earth mama and she absolutely rocked this session. 

I met Sareda years ago at LSU and admired her beauty and style for so long. I was so pleased to be able to capture her gorgeous maternity portraits. She selected her own maternity gown and color from Valerie over at Sewtrendy and it was definitely a great choice! We had LOTS of rain as most of you know so the setting for the session was a bit dramatic, however I think it was perfect for this look!

Baby Santana was delivered last week and will be in the studio this Friday! I look forward to sharing more gorgeous photos with you all!

Sareda is a hair/beauty blogger and her YouTube channel can be found here https://www.youtube.com/c/rerefined1

Dress: http://www.sewtrendyaccessories.com
Make-Up: https://www.instagram.com/loveyourlookmua/


In light of the recent devastation that has swept across Louisiana, we know that many families have lost nearly everything including precious family portraits. On October 8th, 2016 Please stop by 3185 Balis Drive, Unit 118 Baton Rouge, LA to have a professional family portrait taken so that you can begin to create new memories for your family.

In order to accomodate as many families as possible, families will be limited to one look & sessions will be conducted in increments of 10 minutes. There will be a sign up sheet available and slots are first come first serve. Please understand that due to the anticipated volume of participants, there will be no rescheduling allowed. Each family will receive one free 8x10. Additional prints and digitals available for purchase at discounted rate.

Thank you for allowing us to help restore some of your families memories.


Sponsored by Green Tangerine Photography, Mosaic by MG Studio & Anywhere Photoz   

Sponsored by Green Tangerine Photography, Mosaic by MG Studio & Anywhere Photoz


What you need to know

The hours of operation will be from 8am-6pm. We will take as many families as possible between 8am and 6pm.

Please come dressed and ready. There will not be any dressing rooms available so please have your hair and make-up done & come prepped and ready to take your picture. 

All members of your family should be present. If we call your name and your family is not available we will move on to the next family. Thank you for understanding that we want to service as many people as possible.

Each family will have a chance to have their portrait taken in a studio type setting and will receive ONE free 8 x 10 physical print. These will not be available same day and will need to be picked up after the photo drive is complete.

Any additional prints or can be purchased separately at a discounted rate. The rates are as follows:

8x10 - $10
5x7: $7
Set of wallets (8) $6
4x6 $5

Have questions? Please feel free to send me an email!


If you would like to support or sponsor the Photo Drive Please feel free to donate here. We appreciate any and all assistance with this project. It means a great deal to us to get families images restored to them.


PhotoTherapy/Personal Photography Mentoring

Hey guys, happy hump day! For those of you who do not know, I provide personal mentoring for those looking to advance their photography skills. 

I receive a lot of inquiries about teaching/mentoring and I wanted to put together something cumulative and filling to offer to those interested in learning more about photography and the art of the business. 


I had my very first PhotoTherapy Photography Mentoring workshop on May 28th and it was a hit, the feedback was incredible! So I decided to hold another class this fall on September 24th for those who could not attend the spring class.

The course includes:

Starting Out: How to navigate a new industry

What's in the Bag? Gear talk (An in depth discussion on camera, lenses and other gear you'll need.)

Branding & Design: Developing Your Brand and how to cultivate your own style.

Editing & Style: An introduction to Photoshop & Lightroom (you also get free photoshop actions)

Q & A in which you get to ask any question you like.

The class is about 3 hours and includes breakfast refreshments and lunch.

My very first students! They were all amazing and I loved working with them!

My very first students! They were all amazing and I loved working with them!

In addition to the PhotoTherapy workshop this fall, I also offer one on one mentoring to those who might need a little more hands on and individual instruction.  I offer full disclosure on any and all questions related to photography, marketing, business, studio building, work/life balance, sales, and more!

Sessions are conducted in person, via skype, or by phone, whichever you prefer.

I will offer honest, objective and specific feedback; Identify weaknesses and priority areas that need
adjustment while offering a number of solutions and options for improvement.

Take advantage of the classroom setting by securing your seat in the PhotoTherapy workshop on September 24th or book your very on personal mentoring session by emailing me today!



Welcome Jonathan Jr.

Hey guys...been a while! I am happy to be back on the blog and sharing some serious cuteness with you guys today! 

Jonathan was such a dream! He slept like a champ and although he gave daddy a little sprinkle (snicker, it happens A LOT) he also gave up some precious smiles!

Thanks Jonathan Jr. for stopping by the studio! - Sasha

Welcome, Connelly!

Happy Monday guys. It is the start of a new week and I have a sweet new sweet little face for you guys!
Say hello to Connelly! She and sweet big brother Collins came by the studio. This sweet love bug slept her entire session and even gave me some smiles!

Thanks for stopping by the studio Connelly! -Sasha